D13Counter Drone System

MESMER® (Department 13) Counter Drone System.

Drones have proliferated in the market for consumer and prosumer applications. Unfortunately, some drones are being used for nefarious purposes. Drones have been weaponized to carry dangerous payload, and have also been armed with optics that can surveil friendly force movements or capture a company’s valuable intellectual property. MESMER® will prevent drones from physically harming people, damaging and disrupting critical infrastructure, and stealing intellectual property.

MESMER® Counter Drone System, represented in the image below, is a unique, patented, low power, non-jamming, non-line of sight, non-kinetic drone mitigation solution. MESMER® provides a safe and effective method of protecting personnel and infrastructure from dangerous drones. The key differentiator for MESMER® is its ability to manipulate weaknesses in all digital radio protocols. This allows MESMER® to put into effect sophisticated automated detection and mitigation strategies to stop, redirect, land or take control of drones across a range of national security and defense scenarios. The patented technology is built on open source software architecture, which ensures that MESMER® can be seamlessly integrated into existing security and surveillance systems.

One of the first questions we get here at Department 13 is how we came up with the name MESMER® for our counter autonomous system product. Most people assume that it is an acronym. Actually, MESMER® is the name of the German physician Franz Friedrich Anton Mesmer (1734 to 1815). Franz Mesmer became famous for his idea that all living creatures emitted an energy field (initially called ‘animal magnetism’ but later called ‘mesmerism’) that could be influenced by other persons. Mesmer’s ideas are often compared to the Chinese medicine concept of Chi (Qi), and also hypnotism, a technique derived from Mesmer’s initial practices. When we started to develop our platform’s capabilities to perform protocol manipulation, we considered it analogous to hypnotism where we attempt to confuse or bend the targeted drone to our will. So, we decided to name it after the grandfather of hypnotism: Mesmer.

The MESMER® v1.0 system has three key components:

  • Componet 1:
    General purpose computer server running Linux OS. Multiple Ethernet ports are utilized for intra-system communication.
  • Componet 2:
    Software Defined Radios (SDR). MESMER® utilizes commercially available SDRs for RF signal reception and generation. SDRs can generate arbitrary waveforms which are used for drone detection, identification, and mitigation.
  • Componet 3:
    RF Front End. Provides signal conditioning on both receive and transmit channels, and allows MESMER® to perform optimally in a real-world environment.

  • The system can be operated using a graphical user interface. A tablet with a touch screen, or A standard desktop monitor with a keyboard and mouse.

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