Cyber Security

CIT Dynamics also offers a selection of Cyber Security Advisory both for business and individuals alike. We have leaders in the field of Cyber Security that have 30+ years experience.

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With cyber attacks on the rise per day leaving businesses and individuals alike vulnerable, the need to secure systems and technology is essential. CIT Dynamics has worked and continues to work with companies, both small and enterprise in securing systems to ensure continuous, protected, and un-interrupted use. Our team works a 24/7/365 roster in data protection and system monitoring the teams are located in both Australia (Sydney, NSW) and the United States (Washington, DC) and soon to be London.
CIT Dynamics also has the option of Infrastructure Penetration Testing. The method is simple but effective - we send our team into your business, they test the network, provide information on findings and then fix any “vulnerable parts” in your systems to then provide you with a full report.

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