Website and Application Hosting

CIT Dynamics has formed relationships with some of the worlds leading data center companies along with having our datacenter locations including Australia, USA, and London. Our systems are continually built, maintained and upgraded these systems to ensure our clients are receiving the best hosting environment possible. Our global Infrastructure is protected from all major attacks including Malware infection, Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS), Injection, Brute Force, Cross-site scripting and Zero Day. As well as protection from all major attacks, we utilize a 24/7/365 cyber security team that maintains the security of all our client's online hosting environment.

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• Website / Application Hosting: In conjunction with our dedicated & VPS hosting, we offer a range of different hosting environments that can fit the requirements of your site either that is a WordPress, eCommerce, Joomla, MySQL/PHP sites and much more.

• Dedicated / VPS Hosting: CIT Dynamics has some locations where we host both vertical and private servers for use. Upon setting up your hosting environment, you have the selection on where you would like your data hosted these locations include, N America, Sydney Australia, Asia, and London! All servers are based on a data redundancy model whereas if one datacenter were to go offline; our other servers would pick up the traffic for the offline center to ensure a stable hosting environment.

• Cloud Data: CIT Dynamic CShare provides an online hosting environment where users can store data in a secure and easy to access location while having the ability to keep that information secure. We host over 102 Terabytes of data across three centers.

• Office365: The Office 365 platform along with the new 2016 desktop apps, was designed to simplify your business life. All the features you know and love are right where you remember them, while new features let you do your best work on any device. If you require help setting up an office 365 account, our database support team can help set up your account(s).

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